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Knowing when to launch can be tricky. You are looking to provide 'just enough' of what your customers are happy to hand over their hard earned for come launch day. Spending years at your dining table perfecting your product is rarely a good idea. The sooner you launch, the sooner you will get real feedback that you can use to perfect what you are selling.  

The Launch Checklist will take approximately 10 mins to complete.

Why It Is Important 
Checking that you have everything in place before you launch will give you confidence that every part of your business is ready to go - operations; customer; products and services; strategy and marketing; finance and legal. 

How It Works
The quiz will ask you a series of Yes / No questions. Make sure that you keep track of any 'no' answers - these are the things that you'll need to finish before you launch your business. 

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The Journey 
Woohoo! This is the last step of your journey prior to launching your business to the world. We are so proud of you right now. 

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Support is available 
We exist to help micro and small businesses flourish. If you need help with using this tool or what happens next, just shout out. 

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