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Having great products and services isn't enough. The Start Up Launch Planner guides you through the five key steps of the customer journey to help you identify everything that needs to be in place to start building. It's the exciting part! 

The Launch Planner will take approximately 20 mins to complete. 

Why It is Important 
Launches of new businesses are typically a 'slow fizzle' rather than a 'big bang'. Very few businesses are an overnight success. Building a solid base of customers takes time and effort. You need to be ready to tell your story over and over in lots of different ways so your brand becomes recognisable to your customers, your partners and your employees over time.  

How It Works 
The Planner focuses on two areas - building your brand and building your customer base. It will then asks you to think about how you will introduce your business to the 'real' world. 


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Before You Start 
The Planner assumes that you have successfully completed the Focus step and that your products and services are ready to launch to market.

The Journey 
'Debut' is the final stage to help you launch your own business faster and easier. 

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Support is available 
We exist to help micro and small businesses flourish. If you need help with using this tool or what happens next, just shout out. 

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* 1. Before we get started, let's do some introductions. Hi, we are Ignitzee.

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We know that coming up with your business name is the hardest part. But you can't launch without one. It means that our boffins will be able to find your information to help you in the future.
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