Thank you for participating in the Village of Saranac Lake Waterfront Survey!
The Village of Saranac Lake has begun the process of updating its Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) to guide appropriate development and investment.  The LWRP will express the Village’s vision for its waterfront areas and outline a program for achieving that vision. The LWRP will promote public access to recreational opportunities, identify sustainable approaches to mitigate climate changes impacts, stimulate economic development, and plan connections to and between recreational amenities and downtown. This process is supported with funding provided by the New York State Department of State under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.
The purpose of this survey is to identify the community’s needs, vision and priorities for the future of the Village of Saranac Lake and its waterfront. The information gathered will help shape the vision and goals for the Saranac Lake LWRP Update.