Purpose of Survey

Welcome to the PBIS Family and Community Team Representative Survey. This survey is designed for Illinois PBIS External Coaches to help in gathering information about family and community representation on your district and school teams. The PBIS Network utilizes this survey as part of a statewide plan to assist districts in improving school, family, and community partnerships. By completing this survey, you are helping the PBIS Network collect data on family partnerships statewide so that we can: a) provide support to districts in continuously improving these partnerships, b) use this data to improve school, family, community partnerships in our statewide efforts, and c) include these representatives in statewide communications about conferences, trainings and networking opportunities.

Gathering and reflecting on your own data regarding the number of representatives on teams will help identify district strengths and needs for improving partnerships. Based on this data, Coaches can support school and district teams in action planning next steps. The Partnerships tab of the Illinois PBIS Network website has information for schools on how to improve these partnerships.

To celebrate, all districts with one or more schools with a family or community team representative will be listed on the Partnerships web page under Successful School Partnerships. Districts with greater numbers of representatives may be further highlighted on this section of the website.

After districts have completed the survey, the Network will send all family/community representatives a welcome letter thanking them for their efforts and explaining our mission of family and community partnerships.


This survey has two separate sections: District Leadership PBIS Teams and School PBIS Teams. External Coaches are guided through reporting on the family and then community representatives of each team, one school or team at a time.

As an External Coach, this may mean following up with each school team to gather this information. You can start the survey, exit it, and come back to it later and your responses will be saved. You can also access the survey from another computer besides the one you are on now.

If team representatives do not wish to have their contact information shared with the network, please report their participation by providing just a first name in the contact information section. This will help us to have a more accurate count of family and community participation in PBIS schools and districts throughout the state.

Once you complete the survey, you can then continue to update data throughout the year as this survey will remain open. Thank you in advance for your time and commitment to the important goal of improving school, family, and community partnerships!