Please fill out this short 10 question survey to help us collect feedback on our websites.

SPX FLOW, Inc. would like your input on this short 10 question survey about how you utilize our various websites ( or brand specific websites).  The information gathered will be anonymous and will be used to help improve and enhance our websites to better suit your needs.

* 1. Which of the following best describes your role?

* 2. Which category best fits your job description?

* 4. Which sections of the SPX FLOW website do you visit the most (select all that apply)?

* 5. After opening or an SPX FLOW brand site what do you do first?

* 6. What are the top 3 actions you perform on SPX FLOW websites ( or specific SPX FLOW brand websites)?

* 7. Using the scale 1 (excellent) - 5 (poor) rate the SPX FLOW websites on the categories listed?

  1 - Excellent 2 - Very Good 3 - Good 4 - Fair 5 -  Poor
Ease of Navigation
Relevant Product Content
Timely News and Event Content
Ability to locate Product Detail
Ability to locate Sales Contacts
Ability to locate Service Contacts

* 8. What type of device do you use most often to access SPX FLOW websites ?

* 9. What do you like most about SPX FLOW websites ?

* 10. What improvements would you like to see on SPX FLOW websites?