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Choosing the right technology for your business will make your life as a solopreneur easier and keep the costs of running your business down. The Technology Needs Assessment tool helps you to identify what technology your business will need so that you can budget and plan for it.  We don't receive commission from any of the products that we recommend and know what it is like to run a business on a shoestring budget. You can trust us.  
The Needs Assessment will take approximately 15 mins to complete. You'll then receive a Technology Roadmap within 48 hours. 

Why It Is Important 
We look for the right combinations of tools so that you getting the most out of what you can afford to spend. Technology can get expensive quickly - a few monthly subscriptions is all it takes. Choosing the right technology early on means that your business will be ready to grow. Adding new ways of doing things once you are up and running is much harder than starting out in the right direction. 

Extra costs 
Putting together a tailored shopping list requires human smarts. Getting your Technology Roadmap has an extra charge. This is included in our premium packages. If you aren't a premium kind of person, that's OK too. We have one-off pricing too. Just send an email to hello@ignitzee.com.au and we can make it happen. 

How It Works 
Once you have completed the Needs Assessment, our technology boffins will send you a 'shopping list' with technology options that match your budget and technology skills.

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The Journey  
'Focus' is the fourth of five stages to help you move from dreaming to launching your own business faster and easier. 

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Support is available  
We exist to help micro and small businesses flourish. If you need help with using this tool or what happens next, just shout out.  

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* 1. Before we get started, let's do some introductions. Hi, we are Ignitzee.

What's your business name?
We know that coming up with your business name is the hardest part. If you aren't ready just yet to share your name with the world, just pop your name here. It means that our boffins will be able to find your information to help you in the future.

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* 2. What products or services do you plan to sell?  
This will help us identify the technology that best suits your industry. 

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