Tuberculosis Online Screening Survey

To ensure the health of all that attend/work at St. Louis Community College, we require all students, faculty and staff on our campuses to complete this online screening survey for tuberculosis (TB). All information you provide is private and will remain confidential. 

Please complete all required fields. 

* Contact Information

* STLCC Issued A Number

Don't remember your A number? For students, find your A number on your STLCC OneCard under your name. For faculty and staff, check your employee ID or contact HR at 314-539-5210.

* Please identify yourself from the following choices

* Have you ever had close contact with persons known or suspected to have active TB disease?

* Were you born in one of the countries or territories listed below that have a high incidence of active TB disease? 

* If YES, please select the country below:

* Have you had frequent or prolonged visits* to one or more of the countries or territories listed above with a high prevalence of TB disease?