Sustainability is one of the three cross curriculum priorities that is incorporated in all NSW syllabuses.

The NSW Department of Education’s Learning across the Curriculum website has this description of sustainability education:

“Enable and empower students to make decisions and take actions that contribute to creating a sustainable society and ecosystem.”

It further states:

“Students need a range of skills so they can act for the environment. Our teaching must provide students with these skills so they can:
  • explore and investigate their world
  • propose actions needed to maintain and improve their environment
  • take action for a more sustainable future.
Learning about sustainability can be taught across the curriculum and is best delivered through a wide range of teaching and learning activities through all of the key learning areas.”

The purpose of this survey of Federation members is to ascertain the level of confidence that teachers have about teaching sustainability, as well as the adequacy and availability of professional learning opportunities and teaching materials that support learning about sustainability.