This survey is for patients/clients/residents or family members who have participated in a Telehealth appointment. 

This survey is being conducted to help evaluate the Newfoundland and Labrador Telehealth Program. Your feedback is very important in evaluating Telehealth services. Participation in the survey is voluntary and will not affect your health care in any way.

 All responses given will be kept confidential. The information you provide will be combined with the information provided by other survey participants and individual responses will not be identified.

For the purposes of this survey, Telehealth refers to the appointment or consultation between a provider and a patient at different locations via a teleconference session (i.e., video camera and video screen).


* 1. Please complete the following:

* 2. In which Regional Health Authority did the Telehealth appointment take place?

* 3. Which health care facility did you go to for your Telehealth appointment?

* 4. How do you think your Telehealth appointment compared to an appointment done in-person? 

  Much better Somewhat better About the same Somewhat worse Much worse
My Telehealth appointment was:

* 5. Why was your appointment set up as a Telehealth appointment?

* 6. If Telehealth were not available would you have: (Select one response only)

* 7. Did a health care staff member attend the appointment with you?

* 8. If yes, was this helpful to you? Please explain

* 9. How far would you have to travel, roundtrip, for your appointment if Telehealth were not available? Please provide your best estimate.  

* 10. How much would it have cost you to travel for your appointment if Telehealth were not available? Please provide your best estimate and consider all costs associated with travelling for an in-person appointment including travel, accommodations, meals, child care, loss of pay from work, and any other related costs.

* 11. Please specify the types of expenses you would have incurred if you had to travel for your appointment. Please check all that apply. 

* 12. Please indicate your level of agreement or disagreement with each of the following statements regarding your satisfaction with your Telehealth appointment.

  Strongly agree Moderately agree Neither agree nor disagree Moderately disagree Strongly disagree
I understood what Telehealth was prior to attending my appointment.
I was satisfied with the overall quality of my Telehealth appointment.
I was comfortable seeing the specialist/health care provider by Telehealth. 
Telehealth made it easier for me to see the specialist/health care provider. 
I was provided with a clear explanation of what to expect during my Telehealth session.
The room and equipment was set up properly prior to my appointment. 

* 13. What changes, if any, would you suggest for improving the Telehealth service? Please be as specific as possible.

* 14. Do you have any other comments or concerns regarding the Telehealth service that you would like to share?

For evaluation purposes, would you be willing to be contacted for an interview regarding your experiences with the Telehealth session?

If yes, please click on the following link to provide your contact information. Your contact information will not be associated with the responses you have provided in this survey.

If no, this concludes your participation in this survey. Please close your browser window. Thank you for your participation.