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The Matrix Group conducts opinion research on a wide variety of topics. We invite you to be part of our consumer panel community. As a member of our consumer panel, you may be asked to participate in a paid discussion group or other type of research in which you will be asked to give your opinions or test a new product. We promise that we will never try to sell you anything -- and we will never sell or give your name to anyone else, since we hold the details of your participation in the strictest confidence. Participation in research sessions is limited and we will contact you only when appropriate opportunities arise. Click Here to View Our Privacy Policy  If you would like more information about The Matrix Group or have any questions, please call us at (859) 263-8177 or visit our web site at https://www.tmgresearch.com   Note that a valid and current email address is needed as it is our primary means of contacting panel members for participation.

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