Project Overview

Welcome to The Service Council's first survey on Augmented Reality in Service. For those of you in TSC's Service Technology Research Group, this is your first project of 2017. Thank you for your interest.

Purpose: The intent of this research survey is to uncover:
1- Interest in Augmented Reality applications for your service organization. 
2- Current use of Augmented Reality applications in your service organization and related feedback
3- Potential use of Augmented Reality application in your service organization and hurdles that need to be overcome

There are two terms that need clarification: 
1- In terms of your service organization, we are referring to the areas of field service and customer support. In both of these areas we will investigate the implications of the technology in real-time support or in improved knowledge and training procedures.
2- There are many definitions for Augmented Reality. We do have some questions on the use of live video in service and support (customer-to-support or field agent-to-support). For this survey, we are looking beyond live video and the introduction of added information (augmented) on a user's screen (phone, tablet, smart glass etc.). This information could include sensor data, gestures, telestration, live instruction, and more.

About the Survey:
This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The ideal participant is someone who understands the technology and is also aware of the business implications of these tools in a service environment.

By participating in the survey, you will receive complimentary access to the results. Results will be published in May-June2017 and made available to you at the end of the survey.
3% of survey complete.