Thank you for your interest in The Service Council's research.

In December 2016 we interviewed several organizations regarding their Internet of Things (IoT) journeys. For those of you who participated in the interviews, this survey serves to recap your answers and asks some new questions . For those who we haven't interviewed, the survey hits on the key areas of focus of our project.

The intent of the overall project is:
1- To assess where organizations are in their IoT Journeys
2- To determine the factors that are relevant in the business case for IoT
3- To address the key challenges hindering progress in a service-driven IoT journey

This survey will take 7-10 minutes to complete and is approximately 20 questions depending on your path. Summary results, published in aggregate only, will be included in our IoT report due in early February. Your participation will yield access to that report.

* 1. For how long has your organization been on its IoT journey? (Answer Required)

4% of survey complete.