Welcome to The Service Council's 2018 Customer Support/Experience Leader's Agenda survey. This is part of our 2018 trends research series.

ABOUT THIS SURVEY: This survey is intended for those leaders who run customer support businesses or those who are charged with setting customer experience strategy. These leaders are typically looking at areas such as contact center operations, multi - or omni-channel support, voice of the customer, customer self-service, and more. The survey contains less than 10 questions (q3-11, and a few demographic questions) and should take less than 5 minutes to complete. It looks to understand your business priorities for the coming year (2018).

OUTCOMES: We will have the results available to all survey participants (at no registration cost). The results will be available in multiple forms
  1. Summary Metrics and Charts (January 10-15, 2018) - We will notify you.
  2. Findings Call (Tuesday January 23, 2018) - You will be directed to the registration page
  3. Summary Report (January 20 - 25, 2018) - We will notify you.
If you are not responsible for customer support or customer experience, please do share the survey with the appropriate leader at your business.

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