Thanks for your interest in The Service Council’s research.

Our trending research features the same survey asked every 6 months (Note: We changed this from every 3 months in order to cut down on surveying). The intent is to look back at previous semi-annual period and determine business trends. Looking ahead, these surveys typically ask for estimates for the coming 6 months. However, since this is a year end survey, our look forward will touch on the next 12 months. We expect results to be available in late January 2016 and will feature early findings on a Jan 21 webinar (Details at end of survey)

This survey will feature 15-20 total questions (excl. demographics) and should take no more than 5-7 minutes to complete.

This survey is intended for organizations involved in the delivery of service and support. If you are a solution/technology provider and would like to learn more about participation, please contact me at

Question Title

* 1. Is your service organization run as a profit center? (Answer Required)