2014 North America CandE Award Employer Registration

Congratulations on taking your first step in applying to the 2014 Candidate Experience Award (aka CandE or C&E Award). We promise to keep you informed of your status and provide feedback as you progress through each stage in the award process.

This award covers the experience of candidates applying for positions in a company's North American operations/subsidiary ONLY.

Although the CandE Awards is a competition, it exists to enable any company to benchmark and improve their candidate experience. Any corporation interested in enhancing the candidate experience they provide will benefit from participating in the benchmark process. The data submitted is treated confidentially and only names of winning organizations will be released to the public.

Please read the instructions outlined below before you register and feel free to contact us should you have any questions at all.

The Candidate Experience Awards
phone number: 888.552.5708
email: support@thetalentboard.org
website: http://www.thecandes.org

The CandE Awards are comprised of three (3) rounds of evaluations. Round 1 and Round 2 are required in order to be considered for the 2013 award.

Round 1 - Basic Questions and Employer Survey

Upon completion of registration, you will be sent your unique employer link beginning March 3, 2014 which is the first of three award stages and the most critical part of your application.

The Employer Survey asks you to provide information about how you treat candidates in each segment of the hiring process: Candidate Attraction, Application Management, Candidate Selection and Disposition; Finalist Management and New Hire Onboarding.

Upon completion of the Employer Survey, you will receive confirmation of submission, and we will contact you regarding the requirements necessary to proceed to Round 2. If you choose not to proceed to Round 2, your company information will not be made public for any reason.

Round 2 - Candidate Survey

A link to the candidate survey will be provided to you by the Talent Board to forward to your candidates directly in order to obtain their experience with your organization. We will provide additional details on options for inviting and engaging your candidates in the survey process. You will invite your candidates to respond to the Candidate Survey, and we will collect their results.

If you cannot confirm participation in both Round 1 and 2, you are encouraged to complete Round 1 of the survey. This will allow you to receive complimentary access to benchmark data focused on your responses against the aggregated total of the winners. You will not be eligible for the award and your company identity will remain completely anonymous.

If your company completes Round 1 and your candidates confirm that your practices are above average in Round 2, you will be a recipient of 2014 Candidate Experience Award (C&E Award). We will announce all the winners by name at the CandE Gala event on September 18, 2014. This "invitation only" evening reception will honor the winners' achievements and is open to all participants.

Round 3 - CandE Award Winners with Distinction

In addition to their recognition at the CandE Gala, a few recipients will be highlighted as “Winners with Distinction”. This distinction is the result of review of both surveys by a panel of independent judges. If chosen for this honor, we will ask you and members of your leadership team to be interviewed to better profile and highlight your unique Candidate Experience story. Some of these companies will also be asked to share their best practices at a special Candidate Experience Knowledge Sharing Summit on Friday September 19, 2014, following the winners’ announcement. This event is free of charge to all participants of the 2014 CandE Awards.

1. Which statement best describes your participation interest:
2. You understand and agree the requirements for consideration for the Award in 2014 requires completion of both Round 1 and Round 2 surveys.
3. Privacy and confidentiality commitment:

We will treat the information you provide as confidential. The information you provide will be used in aggregate totals for research purposes, but your company individual summaries will not be disclosed.

The names and logos of the companies who win the award will be made public, through announcements and presentations honoring the winners. Winners of the 2014 Award will be eligible to use the Candidate Experience Awards Stamp and related recognition material.

I understand that my responses to this survey will be treated with respect as noted above and I commit that my response submission is an accurate reflection of my companies processes and procedures.
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8. For Canadian participants, the Employer Surveys is available in both English and French. Please indicate your preference below.
9. Would your company also be interested in participating in any CandE Awards outside of North America?
Thank you for completing your 2014 CandE Award Employer Registration! A unique link will be sent to you beginning March 3, 2014, which you will use to access the full Employer portion of the survey. By completing the registration separately from the full survey, we will be able to provide you more options on the types of data you will be able to access at the end of the process and benchmark your process against the winners' aggregate.