Beaumont Unified School District - Technology Plan Opinion Survey for Parents
Please take a moment to complete the brief survey below. Your responses will assist us in planning your child’s technology education for the next several years.  We appreciate your input.  
Please select the school site(s) your children attend (select all that apply):
Grade(s) of your child/children (select all that apply):
Your membership in district and school organizations (choose all that apply):
Do you have a computer at home for your student to use for homework purposes?
Do you have Internet access at home?
In your opinion, how important is it that students have the opportunity to use technology in the following ways? Please rate each item below from 1 (Not Important) to 5 (Very Great Importance).
Not ImportantSome ImportanceModerate ImportanceGreat ImportanceVery Great Importance
To practice English and math skills
To improve state test scores
To be encouraged to read
To improve their writing skills
To learn technology skills needed for school and work
To learn how to use the Internet safely
To learn how to do research for reports and to solve problems
To improve and develop their thinking skills
To be creative (doing their own art, video, music, photos)
To present their ideas and knowledge
To work together with others
To learn about the world outside of school
Which of the items below is the MOST important use of technology for your children?
Services for Parents. If the district provides the following services, how useful would they be for you, or for other parents you know?  Please rate each item from 1 (Not Useful) to 5 (Very Useful).
Not UsefulSomewhat UsefulVery Useful
Online (Internet) access to student attendance information
Online (Internet) access to student test scores
Online (Internet) access to student grades
Online (Internet) access to homework assignments and test reminders
Online resources that help students to do their homework
Online parent information of various kinds?
A place where parents can come to use computers
Help in having a computer with Internet access at home
Computer training for parents
Do you have any concerns or suggestions in regard to technology that you wish to share?