Baker Tilly International Global Family Business Succession Survey


Baker Tilly International Global Family Business Succession Survey:
Dynamics, Barriers and Strategies

Baker Tilly International are conducting a survey to examine the dynamics, barriers and success strategies for succession in family business.

As you are aware, family businesses are a critical part of the global economy. It is forecast that family businesses valuing trillions of dollars will change hands over the next decade as the baby boomer generation pass their businesses on. The smoothness of these transfers will impact the prosperity of global and local economies.

Succession planning is often thought of only in the context of transferring a business within a family. However succession takes many forms in today's market.

It is because of the importance of this transition that Baker Tilly International has committed itself to this survey and to finding answers that will support family businesses. Whilst succession planning has received considerable interest in recent years, there is almost no research in the global context.

We invite you to participate in this research project, to share your knowledge and experience and assist us in delivering research outcomes that will make a difference for family businesses.


We understand that your time is important and valuable and we expect this survey to take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

It has been designed to efficiently capture your thoughts and experiences about succession planning in the following four parts, telling us about:
1. Yourself and your family
2. Your business
3. Your succession plans (even if you haven't commenced)
4. Your experience


All information obtained during the research is confidential and the identity of parties will not be disclosed in any findings

This anonymous survey is being conducted using Survey Monkey and with high-level security settings. No email addresses are collected or stored as part of the survey and researchers do not have access to any private contact details. The Survey Monkey privacy policy is located at


This survey is being undertaken in conjunction with Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

Professor Michael Gilding
Joint Chief Investigator - Family Business Succession Research Project
(e: | t: +613-9214-8102)

For more information

Thank you for completing this survey. If you would like further information or have any concerns about this survey please contact:

Dr Richard Shrapnel
Joint Chief Investigator - Family Business Succession Research Project
Baker Tilly Pitcher Partners
Melbourne, Australia
(e: | t: +613-8610-5507)

Ethical Conduct

This survey has been approved by or on behalf of Swinburne's Human Research Ethics Committee (SUHREC) in line with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. If you have any concerns or complaints about the conduct of this project, please contact:

Research Ethics Officer
Swinburne Research (H68)
Swinburne University of Technology
(a: PO Box 218, Hawthorn VIC 3122)
(e: | t: +613-9214-5218)

This is an Australian-based research project. Please be alert to any local restrictions or requirements concerning online participation in overseas research.

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