State of the Mobile Nations - What Tablet? (Q1 2012)

The Tablet Wars Are Heating Up!

Apple is getting set to announce the iPad 3 next month. BlackBerry is going to release a major PlayBook OS update any day. The Kindle Fire is hot as is the Transformer Prime in a sea of Android tablets. And Windows 8 tablets are getting ready to enter the battle.

With so much going on we wanted to take a moment and find out where you weigh in on the tablet wars. The questions below will only take you a minute or two. Thanks for participating!

1. Mac or PC?
2. Your current phone?
3. Your current tablet?
4. Do you plan on buying a new tablet this year?
5. Which tablet do you plan to buy next?
6. Thinking ahead... what feature(s) or spec(s) are you most looking most forward to in a future tablet?