Reunion Weekend 2012
1. Did you attend Reunion Weekend?
2. If so, what's the top reason you attended?
3. Which was your most favorite/least favorite event?
4. Overall, how satisfied were you with Reunion Weekend events?
5. If you did not attend, please tell us why and what would have enticed you to do so.
6. Was cost a factor in your decision to not attend?
7. How long has it been since you visited the Xavier campus?
8. Please select the ways you learned about this year's Reunion Weekend. (check all that apply)
9. What is your prefered method of communication for this type of event?
10. What year did you graduate from Xavier/Edgecliff?
11. Are you planning on giving to Xavier's Annual Fund this year?
12. Do you have any specific suggestions to help improve Reunion Weekend?
13. Contact information (optional)