WSTA Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. When you ride with WSTA, are your buses and connecting buses on time?
2. Are our fixed-route driver's courteous?
3. If you are a regular Trans-AID passenger, does the service pick you up on time?
4. If you use Trans-AID for your primary transportation, does the service get you to your destinations on time?
5. Are our Trans-AID driver's courteous?
6. Are the WSTA reservationists/customer service representatives courteous when speaking with you by phone and/or in person?
7. How long do you wait before a WSTA reservationist/customer service representative assists you by phone ?
8. If you have ever had to file a complaint with WSTA, did our staff addressing your concern respond to your comment or complaint in a timely manner?
9. What is the most important improvement WSTA could make?
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