<h3><br>Applications for the Florida Bar Member Disaster Recovery Connection has now <b><u>closed</u></b>.</h3> <br><br> Thank you to all the members who volunteered valuable time and resources to help aid fellow lawyers in Florida. Your dedication of service to both the public and colleagues is greatly appreciated. <br><br> Any request for assistance which has not been able to be matched with a volunteer has been passed onto local bar associations in hopes of finding local sources of aid. <br><br> If you are a nonlawyer in need of assistance due to damage caused by Hurricane Irma, please contact the Legal Assistance Hotline at (866) 550-2929 or complete an <a href="https://yldbog.formstack.com/forms/disaster_legal_services_intake_form" rel="nofollow">online form</a>. <br><br><img src="https://www.floridabar.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/logo-seal-1-1.png">