Thank you for your interest in providing feedback to the City Council. This survey is now closed.<br><br> For more information on a potential Fire and Emergency Medical Services ballot measure in Kirkland, please visit: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br> If you would like to provide public comment to the City Council about this, please email or leave a voicemail at (425) 587-3090. Comments received on either the voice or email accounts displayed above before 3 p.m on the day of a Council meeting will be played or read into the record during items from the audience, subject to the Council protocol of a limit of three speakers on each side of a particular issue, for a maximum of three minutes each. Comments received on these accounts after 3 p.m on the day of the Council meeting will be provided to the Council the following day for their consideration, and copies placed in the meeting packet file. <br><br> Council will accept live spoken commentary under 'Items from the Audience' at the May 5th regular meeting via a Zoom computer or telephone connection. Comments will be subject to the Council protocols mentioned above and may be superseded by prior commentary received via the published voice and email links. Please call 425 587 3190 and leave a message before 5 p.m on the day of the Council meeting with any questions; City Clerk's Office staff will return your call.