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* 1. Statement on personally identifiable information
Lumos has a duty to report any concerns about the safety and well-being of children and vulnerable adults that may be raised through this Call for Evidence. If you raise any concerns about ongoing or suspected abuse in your submissions, we may be required to report these to the relevant authorities. 

Please refrain from mentioning names or identifying personal details or the exact locations of children, families, other individuals or children’s institutions anywhere in this survey. The only exception is information that is readily available in the public domain (for example in publicly available legal proceedings, media articles or publications).

In instances where you are concerned that someone is in immediate danger, we would recommend that you contact the police or relevant social services agency in your country. If you would like to discuss any concerns with Lumos directly, please contact our Safeguarding Adviser, Naomi Deutsch: naomi.deutsch@wearelumos.org.

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* 2. Please enter your contact information.

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* 3. Part I: Would you like to make one or multiple submissions about human trafficking linked to children's institutions?